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Vitamin C 1000mg with Zinc Chewable Tablets – 90 Tablets

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  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION FORMULA: Rosehip and Acerola Cherry Extracts enhances the bioavailability of vitamin C by offering superior absorption and efficacy. Studies have shown that these compounds increased the absorption rate of vitamin C by 35%.
  • NATURAL SKIN AID: Vitamin C-Complex is a natural precursor to proline and lysine, two amino acids that are essential for collagen formation. Collagen provides structure and support to maintain the appearance of firmer and more youthful looking skin.
  • PROVIDES CELLULAR PROTECTION: Although known as an immunity booster, vitamin C-Complex also supports better iron absorption, neutralizing free radicals and healthy vision.
  • Regulates Vision: It is one of the essential vitamins as the body cannot produce Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in regulating the optic system of the body. required.
  • Powerful Antioxidant: Antioxidants are compounds that play a vital role in health. They help to clear away free radicals that may cause adverse health effects.

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  1. J. Smith

    My family likes these. They taste a bit like an orange sweet tart. We bought them for an extended flight, all that recirculated air and someone’s coughing… My husband takes them to work, there is frequently one or more persons coughing in a confined space. Daughter has taken them to High School for the same reasons. I think these work at keeping us healthy, but if that’s an illusion, the idea still makes me feel better. Just like hand sanitizer…

  2. SM

    I love this stuff. I rave about this stuff. If I were a Nascar, I would be sponsored by Airborne. Seriously, I haven’t been sick in years thanks to Airborne. Taka it IMMEDIATELY at the very first sniffle/scratch in your throat, before travel, whatever. Keep taking the full recommended doses until you feel clear of illness. It ninjafies your immune system. Still skeptical? It was the winter of 2012. I was a bank teller. The worst flu was going around. Every single one of my coworkers was out for a week. We shared keyboards, telephones, and dirty money. I was the ONLY person to not get the flu. I did catch the virus, but only had a sore throat for one day. Boom. Airborne.


    the flu this year by taking this 2x a day while she was fighting it off. Half the ingredients are great, according to studies I’ve read, for male reproductive health as well. I am currently taking them to help recover after the fever from the flu this year.

  4. Cheryl

    Bought this for deployment to keep myself healthy. Even the healthiest among us fall ill to some maledy or other, but taking this has helped keeping me out of medical. Doesn’t really do much for indigestion, but I haven’t gotten any maledies which requires bed rest. I think, along with Pepto and Night/Day Qil this is a must for traveling. I’ve actually started giving away my Night/Day Qil to some of my sicker companions. For a normal person, I think it gives you the push necessary to keep you from getting sick.

  5. Thrifty

    Some say these things don’t taste good, but I liked the taste. I haven’t chewed any up yet, though, because I think it would be a bit too tangy for me. But, I enjoy sucking on them like candy. I can’t say that they keep me from catching a cold, but time will tell. Others have said they work in that way and that’s what I’m hoping for

  6. DougH

    People swear by this product. My wife is a believer, so we both take it whenever we travel or start feeling sick. Here’s what I can say: my throat started to hurt yesterday morning, and since I’m never sick, this looked likely to be a cold sneaking up on me. I took two things: airborne, and zicam (which people also swear by). I cannot say for sure which worked, but 24 hrs later, the suspicious ache in my throat is gone, completely.

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