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DailyNutra Zinc Sulfate 50mg 60 Tablets

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  •  100 percent pure veg zinc sulfate 50 mg
  •  It is used for health of body tissues
  • Vitamin supplements products
  • Product strength of 50 mg
  • Dietary supplement

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What is Zinc Sulphate?

Zinc Sulphate Tablet is used for Cutaneous infections, For eye and ear wash, Skin infection and other conditions. Zinc Sulphate Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Zinc Sulphate Tablet contains Zinc Sulfate as an active ingredient.

Zinc Sulphate Tablet works by inhibiting the herpes simplex virus growth thus blocking its multiplication.

Zinc Sulphate Tablet Uses

Zinc Sulphate Tablet is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms:

  • Cutaneous infections
  • For eye and ear wash
  • Skin infection
  • Zinc Sulphate Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed here.


Zinc Sulphate Tablet – Composition and Active Ingredients

Zinc Sulphate Tablet is composed of the following active ingredients (salts)

  • Zinc Sulfate 50mg



  1. David k.

    I have been taking zinc supplements since the coronavirus pandemic hit because I am a doctor on the front lines. These are a great buy because they provide 50 mg of zinc in just 1 dose. DailyNutra is a very reputable company. They use vegetable capsules which is great and they are very inexpensive. Don’t think twice!

  2. Abdel

    They made a small difference for me; I was taking them for clearer skin bc I’ve had problems all my life. It’s not a miracle cure or anything, but even a slight difference is better than nothing. The price is pretty good too. The only downside to these is that you absolutely HAVE to take them on a full stomach because if you don’t, they will make you extremely nauseous. TRUST ME ON THIS: save yourself an hour of nausea rivaling morning sickness and please just eat some food with these lol. (Splitting them in half and taking them at different times helps with this too).

  3. Robin H.

    Great for gut health, immunity, and skin. I take half a pill at a time on an empty stomach. Twice a day if I’m around sick people, or having acute issues that could be benefited from more zinc. 50 mg per day is too much for most people to take regularly though, and can cause copper imbalance or even overdose. Best to get tested before taking this for months on end, or at the very least do a lot of research first.

  4. Lindsey

    I bought this for my husband to aid in blood sugar control because he is a type 2 diabetic. We have since taken him off three daily doses of two different prescription medications. This stuff works wonders.

  5. Dolang N.

    Very happy with the result.. This is my second purchase.. Loved it

  6. Apurva

    This is a great quality product little expensive but totally worth it and when it comes to your own health I don’t think anyone wants to compromise and buy a substandard product. This is the best out there.

  7. Brandon

    I really doubt that you need to take this daily if you have a decent diet. Maybe if you had a zinc deficiency this would be helpful to take daily, but I think for the average person – one capsule a week will do just fine. I find that if I take this more than once to twice a week – that I get very agitated and angry. If however, I take it sparingly – I feel amazing.

  8. Sandy

    Wow! I take one of these every day that I remember. I have been doing it for about three months. The best thing I noticed is that I have no under arm odor, not even when I sweat. Love this stuff!

  9. Feuer Frei

    This stuff helps your body heal. Any skin blemishes such as sores, acne, lesions, herpes, etc. will heal up quick. Wounds and sunburn? Can’t say. Leprosy? Who knows. It’s supposed to be good for your immune system, but I can’t attest as I (almost) never get sick. I have an injury inside my head/neck and within minutes of popping (1/2 capsule) zinc I felt the soreness and burning subside. Interesting. This is repeatable. Only downside is the flavor, if you should be so unfortunate as to have the capsule leak in your mouth. Horrible super-mealy metallic taste. You may need more than water to purge your mouth. 15mg is probably the most you should take daily, from what I’ve read. In my personal opinion daily is maybe overdoing it. Every other day could suffice for a healthy person; it’s not like zinc is water soluble and easily eliminated. Besides your bottle will last twice as long. 😉

  10. Sherri B

    Since taking this, my allergy symptoms have almost disappeared! I am really happy with this product!!

  11. The Gannoms

    The capsules are made of bovine non organic gmo fed cows. Otherwise it would be great. You could just empty out the capsule in water and throw the capsule part away.

  12. Olivia

    We bought these as an alternative to breaking large capsules in half. There are tiny gel-caps and are much easier to swallow. Smaller dose also cuts down on side effects like stomach cramps. Will buy again.

  13. Bailey C.

    I bought these for my skin because I read that zinc supplements can help with bad acne. So far I do see a subtle difference, I still break out but less than I did before I started taking them. I also read that zinc supplements can cause an iron deficiency in some people so I picked these specifically because they have a small amount of iron in them.

  14. CXX

    I can tell taking this is helping my skin and occasional breakouts. I never thought it could be that simple to improve my skin tone and conditions, good product!!

  15. Mark Smith

    My testosterone was a bit low at age 48. After one month, my levels started to rise.

  16. Navy Boy

    I like Jarrow formulations a lot. I have researched their company online and read nothing but positive information on their company. Therefore, I take their zinc balance as well. I’m sure it’s helping, because I get no colds or never get sick. I also give one pill per day to my black lab for her ear infections which clears it up.

  17. James

    Great zinc supplement, and the copper prevents any possible negatives from overly high zinc levels. Everyone in the modern world could use this along with magnesium and vitamin D.

  18. Capt

    I used to just use a Zinc supplement, until I learned more about the mineral. Turns out there’s a critical balance between zinc and copper. Taking only the zinc can throw that balance out of whack. I read what the best ratio should be between zinc and copper, then searched for someone who makes that as a single supplement. Jarrow came through once again, with excellent science. These are affordable, and I feel a lot better knowing I’m not messing up the mineral ratio.

  19. L. Perry

    My new favorite zinc formula. The capsule is very small and the dosage is perfect! I have always been pleased with Jarrow formulations and this no exception.

  20. Coach More Joy

    Love this product and the dosage with the copper takes the guessing out of it. I take at night so it help restore body with necessary minerals.

  21. A Rogers

    I take these for my immune system. I read that Zinc is good for allergies and they do seem to help.

  22. Quanita Vaughn-Byrd

    Easy to swallow, haven’t had a cold or flu this year

  23. Lila H.

    Improved my appetite and skin when used in conjunction with Purely Plants tea

  24. Amanda B.

    I’ve never taken zinc on a regular basis until about 6 months ago. Combined with vitamin c, I believe it has really helped keep me from getting ill, or at least getting over it much more quickly. I have read that you shouldn’t take zinc every day forever. I typically limit it to times that I am sick or worried about being sick.

  25. Lila H.

    I’ve never taken zinc on a regular basis until about 6 months ago. Combined with vitamin c, I believe it has really helped keep me from getting ill, or at least getting over it much more quickly. I have read that you shouldn’t take zinc every day forever. I typically limit it to times that I am sick or worried about being sick.

  26. Anna Danielian

    Ever since I have been using Zinc I remain resistant to all flues and colds, so Zinc is a must for me, though I rarely take it three times a day. These small pills turned out to be quite powerful.

  27. Denise M

    Quality brand and formula and great price, what more can you ask for?!?

  28. RandyK

    I was encouraged to take this as a supplement by MD of Nutrition for its absorption rate. So far so good. I was able to take this on empty stomach with no problems. Product as described. Will reorder.

  29. P Proffer

    Unfortunately, I had to stop taking these because I was nauseous but lots of things make me nauseated. I think it is best to definitely take with food.

  30. Dee

    Ordered these because of the lower strength and size of the pill. Very easy to swallow – love this product and would reorder.

  31. anais marcos

    Love to give it to my 11 year old son with ASD and hyperactivity every morning It has a good calming effect on him

  32. Veronica

    Am taking another supplement to help my body absorb this but seems to work fine not sure I feel any difference but they don’t make me sick to my stomach which vitamins usually do

  33. K. Peters

    During the flu season, zinc is important. These pills are small and potent enough to keep it at bay.

  34. BT

    These are small and easy to take.

  35. M. Ryan

    I’ve used this before and it’s really good. I use it for the zinc but the copper is necessary because when you have higher zinc, copper goes down in the blood and vice versa, so it’s better to take it in combination. Jarrow is a really good company so I trust the company.

  36. Michelle

    Fast Shipping. Have not taken yet but DailyNutra is a good brand. Thank you!!

  37. LL, Illinois

    These capsules are nice because they’re small, very light and easy to swallow. Arrived just fine.

  38. Marie Sibley

    Good product at good prixe

  39. james

    Very easy to swallow pills

  40. Maria Jaime


  41. Jorge

    Love it

  42. Lawrence Sterling

    Seem to have more energy since I started taking.

  43. Jim

    Small and easy to swollow

  44. Linda C

    Great product

  45. The Edge Of Eight

    very good

  46. BWhit

    Good product. Easy to swallow pills.

  47. Tara Bailey

    Great zinc supplement.

  48. Norma

    Order this product before and am satisfied.

  49. John

    I’d like to think I’m getting all the benefits that this supplement has to offer, but I don’t have any real way to tell; haven’t gotten any blood work done or taken it long enough to tell a difference. That aside, I like that this is easy to take and it’s a nice small pill in a nice small container. I really don’t like taking big pills that are hard to take.

  50. JG

    It’s a good quality supplement. These capsules are tiny and very easy to take. 15mg is a good safe amount to supplement with. I would recommend this zinc supplement to anyone who needs one.

  51. Lashelle’s Top Picks!

    Love it! Just enough to get the job done!

  52. alexandre M. Avelar

    good for me. no nausea. noticed better sleep

  53. Eddie K.

    Have used it for a number of years.

  54. barbara f

    Zinc is so important to overall health, and I’ve come to depend on DailyNutra for the best deals on quality supplements, with lots of feedback and product information. This zinc was a great deal, and I’ll reorder it as needed. Feeling great!

  55. Gilmore

    I bought this for my teenagers acne. If they take it, it works pretty well to clear their skin up. The key is them taking it!

  56. Leigh Anne Palin

    works great

  57. MeMe

    This excellent supplement easily compares to and may even surpass any you can purchase from your local health food store.

  58. LMC

    These are easily my mainstay when I feel a cold or flu coming on. They are tiny (easy to swallow) and potent. I definitely recommend these.

  59. N. Moreno

    Seems to be working well. I like the capsule size. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  60. KWoo

    Great form of zinc. It helps with most activities in your body.

  61. Rodger C. Niemeier

    Been using this Zinc over a couple years: really like it. It really helps me fight a cold and works for me. And it’s a small enough dose (many Zinc products sold in local drugstores are only obtainable at 50 mg) that it doesn’t disturb my stomach like the 50 mg pills do. I always take it with food, though, just to avoid any stomach irritation. Great product!

  62. Schildgen

    Zinc balance, it works, I’m happy

  63. Adie Amad

    Perfect small pills for daily supplement !

  64. CatMac

    Zinc is supposed to aid in healing faster so I take it several times a week.

  65. julie dwyer

    Love their products!

  66. Tina Barnes

    thanks for a great product. quick delivery.

  67. T. Blakeney

    Fresh and great price.

  68. lorenzo parks

    Zinc is a very important nutraceutical, and this is a highly bioavailable form of it from a reputable source. The L from of methionine works better than the DL form by increasing the body’s ability to absorb the zinc, thus giving you “more bang for your buck.” Because zinc is a powerful antioxidant, it has many health benefits, including the following: –Improves athletic strength and performance. –Improves male and female reproductive health, including fertility. –Boosts the function of the immune system and help prevent cancer. –Prevents diabetes. –Prevents heart disease. –Detoxifies the body of heavy metals, especially the brain. –Improves brain function and focus, helping with such conditions as ADD. –Prevents or helps heal anxiety and depression. –Improves skin conditions such as acne and eczema. –Helps wounds heal faster. –When taken with Vitamin C at the first sign of cold or flu, it can strongly lessen the severity of the illness. I personally take one of these daily. I cannot testify to any major healing provided by zinc as I have excellent health. I take it as part of my daily regimen of supplements to promote and maintain my good health.

  69. Jayce

    I’ve been having sleep problems for years It started soon after starting graveyard shift at my job.ive tried everything nothing worth buying again.however I’m buying this again because since using it consistently I’ve slept great and I’m not going without it. I take one in the morning,must be with food and I sleep sound very productive sleep

  70. Steve Taylor

    I’ve been taking zinc daily for many years and at the first sign of a cold I take liquid zinc spray. I rarely get sick. I take a good multivitamin which has zinc and copper in it but not as much DailyNutra Formulas. My pet peeve with this product is the same one I have with many vitamin companies; there are an average of 30 days in a month so what’s the deal with a 100 count bottle? If you subscribe every three months you’re left with ten extra. Supplements should always be 30, 60, 90 and 120 count etc. Anyway this is a great product to take if you want to build your immune system.

  71. Great Cook, Great Cook

    I usually take this DailyNutra Zinc Balance. I like that there is also copper in this to balance out the Zinc. As I’m getting older, my taste buds are not as strong, and some foods seem to not have much flavor. When I take one once aday, the food has more flavor for me! This is also good for my hair and nails.

  72. bandazar

    Surprised that it works as well as it does. For me it appears to increase my metabolism a tiny bit. Which in my particular case helps a tiny bit with appetite and brain action. The pills like a little greenish from the copper I guess. Small pills that are easy to swallow. Appears to have more noticable effects than my pure zinc pills. Only negative is the magnesium stearate filler that they use. But even that is not a big negative.

  73. C. Irish

    I love DailyNutra supplements and have been taking them for years. This Zinc Balance is great if you need some extra zinc. I only take this every other day or if I have a cold. Zinc balance out does other supplements because of the addition of copper which makes the zinc absorb better into your system. I usually have a zinc supplement on hand, especially in the winter months. I find it does help a lot when you take it early on when cold symptoms start. I like this brand and trust this supplement.

  74. funbear

    finger nails are stronger after just a few weeks… they grow faster too… Zinc has so many valuable contributions to good health… however, u can abuse anything…so I try to never exceed the RDA… DailyNutra makes top notch products, with excellent support… I have been buying there products for years, never once dis satififed….

  75. Neal Reynolds

    I have just received this product, so will update this review. Right now, all I can say is that these are small easy to take capsules. Actually, I guess you could swallow these dry, but of course I suggest taking them with water. I’ll update this in maybe a month or so to report any change in my basic health.

  76. inayat

    DailyNutra products always exceed expectations. Zinc is important for so many functions. It’s crucial to good health for me. This is a quality product.

  77. Boneshovel

    I don’t know if these vitamins are doing anything or not. I seem to feel better when I remember to take it. My sister graduated from medical school told me that the old people in Arkansas told her to take zinc for her allergies. Doctors interviewed about Covid19 all say they take zinc even though they can’t recommend it by the medical boards. One lady was on about how all of her patients had died and just as a throw away she said her mother taught her to take zinc so she takes zinc. There is no store in the state with zinc on the shelf so other people must believe there;s something to it. So I take it. When I forget it I don’t feel as good. I will buy it again.

  78. I am

    This zinc supplement is good. Have more energy throughout the day. Will order again.

  79. Dianne B.

    After taking only zinc for a long period of time I needed to switch to zinc + copper. I now alternate weeks and it works great! Quality product and ingredients. Hard to find a supplement to accommodate all my allergens and this one meets the profile.

  80. Brian C. Smith

    Literally the only supplement I take, literally take it to stay strong in regards to COVID. It’s batting 1000% for me, I depend on it … in a nearly superstitious way 🙂

  81. Serge Heidegger

    I like that these are small. DailyNutra is often tested, so I will assume the quality is good. But, so many zing supplements have huge pills that must be all talc. These are tiny, which makes a lot of sense.

  82. Chris

    I take this produce before bed every few days, I feel great when I wake up, as the zinc helps me achieve a deep and restful sleep. This form of zinc is much more bio-available (absorbed by the body) than the regular zinc salts. Zinc can help clear up acne by increasing the production of RBP in the liver. RBP is responsible for transferring vitamin A to the tissues (including skin). ([…]) Also, the quality of DailyNutra products is top notch. I use many of their products and do notice a difference compared to inferior products. Worth a purchase!

  83. Sue Peterson

    Tried a lot of different product, this one is tops

  84. Anna Laura

    Love that it comes in such a low dose. Higher doses can upset your stomach.

  85. Ava Goemo

    Zinc…great price and lots of them. Excellent for immune support

  86. noah

    I’ve bought about 5 diffrent kinds of zinc since I think this has been my fav version of it . I like how it comes in small doses and I feel that it works better then most . I think I’ve ordered about 4 bottles of this and don’t plan on switching .. This product was paid for using my own hard earned cash .. And I didn’t receive a discount for my review !

  87. LolitaO

    I prefer this zinc. I buy it everytime I’m out

  88. dorothy brown karnowski

    Easy to swallow has everything you need to keep the colds away

  89. Luna4

    Good quality. Easy to swallow.

  90. sandra

    I have typically been a very healthy person, but having a toddler in daycare changed that this last winter. Every other week, I had some sort of upper respiratory virus. My doctor recommended a zinc supplement, and I have been taking one tablet of the DailyNutra’s Formulas each day, and have yet to get sick. I am not sure if it is because the cold/flu season is over, but will continue to use it.

  91. penn

    I love taking zinc to help prevent sickness. I take this 2-3 times a week because I also lift weights. I think it helps with recovery as well.

  92. Judith B Wagner

    Great zinc! perfect supplement! If you need zinc this is one of the best! Get it.

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