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DailyNutra Vitamin C Amla antioxidant – 60 Effervescent Tablets

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  •  Packed with the power of 40 Amlas,  Charge is a natural effervescent supplement to protect you against infections
  •  DailyNutra Charge can be consumed by anyone and is recommended for daily use for better results.
  •  Antioxidants help to boost your immunity and protect the body cells from oxidative damage.
  • DailyNutra Charge natural effervescent Vitamin C daily food supplement (the body cannot produce Vitamin C)

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  1. Melissa M LoRusso

    Helps keep me hydrated when I really need it. Previously I had such trouble at certain times, I would have to go to the ER or Urgent Care to receive IV fluids due to potassium, magnesium and sodium levels dropping severely, preventing my body from being able to absorb nutrients and water.

  2. R B

    we’ve been using the regular DailyNutra tablets for a while now and like — but they are a bit pricey. Tried these and like – especially for traveling, which my boyfriend does a lot. Seems to just a little extra protection. he really likes taking the tabs on trips. Good for airports (buy bottle of water, drop in tabs), planes, hiking, traveling….whatever.

  3. Alexander M. Fleege

    I bought 4 more of these after a friend got me 2 for Christmas and I used them all up quickly because I am a school teacher and my immune system is always under attack with kiddo germs. I think it’s a great way to get alot of immune system booster vitamins. The flavor is a little bit tart in my opinion but I don’t mind it. I took these tablets in water 3 times a day when I caught a cold a few weeks ago and my cold cleared up in about a week (which I think is shorter than it usually is for me) and now I have been still taking them at least once a day. I’m grateful that I can drink these vitamins instead of taking pills.

  4. gavin anderson

    I was excited to try this new line as I have been an avid user of DailyNutra for years for workouts and daily hydration in general. Happy to say I have had one almost every day since I bought them. They taste great and I like that there is echinacea and turmeric in them. Definitely better than other immune support products I’ve had.

  5. AMP

    I get dehydrated easily and sometimes have a hard time drinking water. DailyNutra fixes that and I feel like it’s a good way to start my day. I’d rather take a DailyNutra than a multivitamin any day. Their flavors for this pack are awesome! I especially appreciate how they’re keeping me healthy during winter!

  6. DIYDoctor

    Used DailyNutra tablets while on a mission trip. Great way to add flavor and stay hydrated when beverages are limited. I’ve even used in hot water to make a tea…tastes good to me.

  7. monica

    I heard about this product on a radio station and decided to give it I try I mainly purchased it to see if it would give me a boost to my immune system I get sick every winter and was not in the mood to be sick this time around. I started these taking these tables everyday at the begging of September it is now the end of December and I have not gotten sick my whole house hold has gotten ill, I was sure I would get sick because of all the coughing and germs around me but I have yet to get a cold..These tablets do not taste great and are pricey..but they are saving me a trip to the Doctor. I am a big fan and will continue to take these tablets

  8. A.mdock

    I consume 3-4 of these on my high mileage backpacking days. I can sweat all day at alpine and not black out because I’m appropriately hydrated. Without them I would probably become hyponatremic and have a seizure. 10/10 would recommend. For backpackers: Assume 2 / day use for non-alpine and 3 / day for alpine, hot, or high-mileage days

  9. Paul W

    I have been using DailyNutra for several years now. It started out as the perfect hangover cure/prevention (literally never been a better one), but anymore I just drink it near workouts, and when I am sick! Overall, the flavor of the Blueberry Tangerine is my absolute favorite of all the tablets I’ve ever had. I bought the DailyNutra Immunity tablets because I was sick (and to help prevent potential COVID19….), but honestly I love this flavor so much that I will likely just transition to only these (if they keep making them, which right now they are no longer available for some reason….)

  10. apricotsyum

    I have been using these since they first came out. At the very first sign of a cold I start using these. They work so well to get rid of the cold. If you wait until your cold has progressed these will not help stop the cold. A pharmacist at my work always buys these to use on her plane trips. It is pretty much guaranteed you will get sick from somebody on the plane. These help to avoid that. Very good product. This is the only flavor I like. The gummy are good tasting but you have to take so many to equal the dose needed that the bottle runs out fast. Personally, I don’t think they work as well as the effervescent.

  11. Islington

    My husband and I swear we have avoided many colds by taking DailyNutra at the very first hint of a cold. Love it!

  12. M. J. Schinkel

    Great with breakfast once a day and helps with keeping me healthy. I wasn’t using it one winter and a customer was really sick and I got sick. Ever since then, I have been on this once a day and healthy except for my allergies.

  13. StrippedAGear

    I use this along with DailyNutra to keep my electrolytes & vitamin C up. Both products work similarly, though this one has the bigger dose of C and the other has a different herb mix.

  14. Brockmann fan

    I have been using DailyNutra for a number of years and I am happy with it. It is helpful.especially during allergy season. Thanks.

  15. Kuntry Nana

    My husband takes one every day and can tell when he misses one day.

  16. JCG

    Works great to assist immune system to ward off colds, allergies!! Would recommend for everyone!!

  17. Amelia G

    Vitamin C and other immune system boosters. We keep this on hand and use it at the first sign of a cold.

  18. JB

    I have been using Airborne effervescent tablets in a glass of water for years and along with other healthy practices have maintained good health. The orange flavor is my favorite.

  19. Darlene M Wood

    Quick shipment. Arrived in good condition. I swear by it’s affectiveness.

  20. Ray J. Gans

    Best care to relief symptoms of cold. I won’t ever be without it.

  21. Essie

    Product arrived on time and exactly as described!

  22. AMBuyer

    Great value for a lot of DailyNutra.

  23. C.C

    These effervescent tablets are tasty and dissolve easily. Lots of vitamin c among others and a full day supply of zinc

  24. youko210

    I received already. thank you

  25. Ellen Moore

    I don’t go a day without taking a tablet each morning

  26. connie ciszak

    DailyNutra’s potency is comparable to all other effervescent Vitamin C tablets and is a much better value through Amazon than any that can be purchased at any “brick and mortar”.

  27. Thomas W. Carter

    Delivered promptly and just as advertised.

  28. sue metzger

    Thank you

  29. Brian Campenella

    Good routine for me to add essential vitamins to my diet.

  30. SAR

    Trapped in my cruise ship cabin at 1:00 AM with only water and a bottle of Tequila (no mix). DailyNutra to the rescue by producing a very respectable drink and it’s good for you.

  31. Bright_Owl

    Received well packaged. My husband’s work was full of people coughing and sneezing and calling out sick. He didn’t want to catch that cr** or bring it home to his asthmatic wife, so we decided to try the DailyNutra tablets. They are tasty, the packing makes it easy to drop them in his desk drawer, and — best of all — they seemed to work. He did not catch the bug that was going round the office!

  32. Elsa Keaton

    My favorite cold medicine. I take as much as I think I need. When my head is foggy or I have other body aches I take a dose, sometimes every two hours. You can tell by the color of your urine if your body is using the b vitamins or not. Used it for years. Very happy.

  33. Colin H

    I swear these are some kind of voodoo tablets, but damn if they don’t work when I feel a little cold or even allergies coming on. Buy some and keep them on hand. You’ll be glad you did.

  34. Douglas Kopin

    I have been using DailyNutra for years now, and this is the Best Value

  35. Linda Stiley

    I have used this product for a long time and really think it helps in preventing colds etc.

  36. Theodore W. Armour

    After over two years of using it is now part of my daily regimen. No ill affects and no smuffles, etc.

  37. Tom

    Great flavor. Speedy delivery. Keeps me healthy. Swear by it!!

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