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DailyNutra Probiotics Digestion Capsule 25 Billion CFU – 90 Capsules

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✅ Probiotics Digestive Health: The First Major Benefit Of Probiotics Is As A Promoter Of Good Digestive Health. Probiotics Lactobacillus Are Generally Beneficial. Eating Foods Rich In Good Bacteria And Using Probiotics Supplements Help In Reducing Inflammatory Bowel.

✅ Decrease In Antibiotic Resistance: The World Health Organization Considers Antibiotic Resistance One Of The Biggest Threats To Global Health, Food Security And Development Today. By Using Probiotics, It’s Possible To Help Rebuild A Poor Variety Of Gut Bacteria Often Seen After A Course Of Antibiotics.

✅ Healthy Skin: Many Avenues Of Research Have Examined Probiotics Benefits For Skin. The Skin Benefits Of Probiotics Seem Also To Be Connected To The Reduction Of Inflammation Seen In Healthy Gut Bacteria. Probiotic Can Also Reduce Skin Inflammation. Probiotics Supplement Is Good For Acne.

✅ Probiotics For Men, Women And Kids: Probiotics Capsule Are Beneficial For All Age Groups.

✅ 25 Billion CFU Formula: Each Daily Nutra Probiotic Capsule Delivers 25 Billion Beneficial Bacteria To Your Gut.

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61 reviews for DailyNutra Probiotics Digestion Capsule 25 Billion CFU – 90 Capsules

  1. A.D.M.A

    I’ve been taking these for almost a year now! Amazing! I was having serious issues with my stomach and was taking prescription strength omeprozole daily to help with vomiting constantly after eating. The downfall especially being only in my late 20s is omeprozole long term isn’t good for you, and can cause other problems down the road like early osteoporosis. I already have arthritis so that’s the last thing I need. Anyways, a few friends raved about probiotics especially this brand, and since the meds I was on wasn’t helping as much as I would have liked anyway I figured what the heck I’ll try it! I’m so happy I did! This works 10x better then what I was taking! I very rarely have issues anymore with vomiting after eating, which let me tell you is a real pain when it has nothing to do for the most park with what your eating. I’ve biught this many times and so should you! 😊 Sincerely, My Happy Tummy!

  2. Dee

    A few years ago I was suffering from a severe case of candida. I went on the strict diet, took many supplements (i.e.-coconut oil, milk thistle, etc.) and began using this probiotic. I feel like it was a life-saver. I began with taking it daily, but three years later, I only need to take one every couple weeks to help keep things balanced. I don’t know where I would be now without this. Disclaimer – It did cause me to have extremely vivid dreams every night. It never bothered me and I actually found myself getting bored at night when I quit taking it regularly. 🙂

  3. Flip

    Our family used these for health improvements but I found a major improvement in my husbands mood! No extreme mood shifts, a great surprise! Instead of getting pills with prebiotics and enzymes save money by eating with fruits and veggies. A cheaper way to help the little buggers to take to the gut lining! I couldn’t be happier. I also put one in milk to see if it would turn to yogurt, it definitely did!

  4. N. Martinez

    The BEST probiotic out there. I have a candida issue and this helps like no other probiotic does. Look no further! This is the one you want!

  5. Donna D

    My son and I have been using this probiotic for over a year. I like that it is shelf stable (many probiotics must be refrigerated after opening) and that it has 30 billion CFU’s even at it’s expiration date. We have both seen good results. I think the cost is great compared to comparable products. With the order I just placed, the price reduced by over $10 from what I’ve been paying.

  6. Elena

    I like it. I used different Probiotic and it didn’t work. I couldn’t eat food and had candida overgrow Now I take 2 pill of that probiotic every morning and I can eat vegetables,meat and some fruit. I couldn’t eat wheat, dairy,sugar and very sweet fruit. I had had problem with candida for many years and I so happy to start to eat now

  7. Kristy

    I had been having terrible problems with Candida & allergic reactions to foods to the point it was hurting every time I ate. I started taking these after having a colonic in a last bid, desperate attempt to feel better. Think it was the combination of both that changed everything! These are slightly pricey compared to others on the market, but 100% well worth the money. If you’ve got IBS, Candida, stomach issues on any level…don’t wait…try these twice a day an hour before food and see what a difference they’ll make.

  8. Ross Hendry

    Without doubt the best probiotic I’ve ever used – and I’ve tried a LOT! I take two per day (=60 billion CFUs) and have never felt better. Shelf stable (no need for fridge – great for travel). Bacteria survive stomach acid. A very powerful health aid.

  9. Rayo

    I was recommended this product by a friend of mine who also used it himself,i found it to be very helpful due to the problem that i have ,i recommend this to anyone

  10. Nick S

    Used this and found it better than previous probiotic I used, also noticed it’s good value compared to the step up to VSL3.

  11. Stephen Hewlett

    These tablets are working well to keep my acid reflux and gut clear and wish I had tried them long ago.

  12. Mr P Miller

    As I am on long term antibiotics and having indigestion, I thought I would try the probiotics which have helped greatly.

  13. VAR

    So far, so good, no more stomach distress and bowel movements are finally regular again. The 60 day supply is excellent for the price too. Will continue to take these in the future.

  14. Petie

    Great product at this pricepoint. Good mix of probiotics that pass the milk test. If I’m not taking these it would be Steele Spirit but I like the price of these better and tried several brands in the last few years.

  15. Lee P.

    I like being able to purchase one probiotic that I can take with me wherever I go and not have to worry about being refrigerated.

  16. C. Lynn Morgan

    I started the probiotics and weaned myself off omperazole in 2 weeks. Tkae one pill daily and no heartburn.


    I felt better after one week, I only take one pill in the evening so not sure if taking two will make any difference.. My stomach no longer hurts even after I indulge occasionally on foods that I love but can’t eat because of the pain like corn on the cob (yum). In reading the reviews which most were positive I figured for the price if it did not work I wasn’t out of a lot of money but if it did then I would have a win-win which I did. Thank you BMS LIFESCIENCE for a great product.

  18. TurboShopper

    I tend to get constipated easily, and this product has helped me be more “regular”. I like that this product does not require refrigeration. Also, it is dairy-free. I could not find this product locally.


    This brand was recommended to me for it’s higher CFU potency than usual brands that are at a similar price point.

  20. Bree

    I was using Garden of Life probiotics before switching to this product. It seems to work just as well but last 5 times as long for the same price.

  21. Linda Lou

    I’ve been taking uncoated probiotics for many years and got tired of them sticking in my mouth!!these pills are smaller and easy to swallow and seem to help my stomach

  22. Barbara

    Easy to swallow, small capsules. I have been pleased with my digestion/gut while taking this. They are also made without some of the additives I do not want!

  23. Wray

    I wanted to see if this was live, for myself, so I cultured it. I had great results. Considering all, after a week, I really like this product.

  24. dominoefex

    My 3rd bottle and can’t beat the quality of this product for the price. I’ve purchased the bottle for a friend in need of a good probiotic and she’s happy with it. It doesn’t irritate the stomach, so good for sensitive people.

  25. Donald Hendricks

    I have purchased this product twice and I’m very happy with the value for money. You get so much more than other brands and a low price. Capsules are small and easy to swallow.

  26. Elizabeth

    I decided to buy these probiotics after researching extensively about how good they can be for you. I was also recently on antibiotics and learned how important it is I eat fermented foods, which contain probiotics, but also take a quality supplement. After looking at numerous brands I choose the DailyNutra brand. I noticed a difference about three days in. It helped clear up bathroom issues I was having do to the antibiotics I was on. I have been on them about a month now and the main thing I notice is that they keep be regular and I now have zero issues with the bathroom. I read extensively about other possible benefits such as increase immunity. I’m hoping these probiotics, combined with eating healthy will help keep me healthy this upcoming fall/winter season.

  27. Portia

    I love this so much, I bought enough to last me a full year! Great quality, fast acting, and affordable! I use to pay the same price for another brand at GNC that only offered 30 pills!!! What a rip off! So glad I found this brand! I have bowel movements every morning like clock work!!! Sorry for the TMI! Happy health!

  28. haleyrachel

    This stuff is a miracle worker. Totally cuts down on gas. I started out with taking two pills a day for the first several days (one with breakfast, one with lunch), then went to one pill with breakfast most mornings. Without getting too graphic, it made most of my digestive eruptions disappear! My mom has been suffering with a sensitive stomach and diarrhea for the past 40 years. Seems like everything she ate upset her stomach. She’s tried gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, you-name-it diets, and nothing has worked. She started taking these pills, and she has almost no problems anymore. I don’t think anything is 100%, but this comes about as close as I could hope for!!

  29. Ms. Camay

    This product was recommended by my OBGYN to maintain a healthy vaginal environment and it works exceptionally well! This product was shipped and received quickly, new, unopened and just as described.

  30. E. Goodwin

    My cardiologist suggested this additive as a resource to control my gastric bypass byproducts. It changed my life for the better!!

  31. MomGMWifeSister

    Yep keep refrigerated better product results if you do.

  32. april21

    Of all the kinds I’ve purchased in the past, i always go back to this one. Great price for what you get, lots of strains. Has really help my digestion and reduced bloating.

  33. anil

    It is very good probiotic for stomach ailments

  34. VF

    Purchased for mom. She’s is very happy with this product.

  35. Susan H

    I suffer with IBSD, taking one Digestive Advantage + 2 Natures DailyNutra Probiotic 10 Has eased the suffering I was experiencing. I have suffered with IBSD for 26 years – Seen doctors, had test performed without a diagnosis or suggestion of how to treat. Take Flax one doctor said. No luck. I have gone 3 weeks without an episode. A friend who also suffers IBSD – suggested I try the above. What a relief, Thank You.

  36. Susan E. Knapp

    Excellent product

  37. Steve Drum

    This probiotic helps my digestion and settles my stomach

  38. giddyupirish

    Shocked that after years of thinking I was lactose intolerant about 6 weeks of quality probiotics I am able to eat whatever I want. I feel so much better.

  39. BILL

    Found these to work as I expected.

  40. Twila Stierwalt

    I had to go off of it for2 weeks before a medical test. I knew then how much it had helped my stomach. I know now that I will continue to take at least 2 every day.

  41. Michelle

    I’m pregnant and typically pregnant women tend to get constipated but not with these pills. They help a lot to normalize my metabolism. Great pills for the price

  42. Rebecca S Merillat

    This is the best product I ever used.

  43. Rocky

    Great price. Max strength. Dissolvable.

  44. Stanley

    Take these babies everyday! In the morning to be exact. The dosage states to take two, however I feel like the job gets done well with just one capsule. To each their own! It’s an amazing product!

  45. Marty

    I have used this product for years ans it helps my digestion better than the others I have tried.

  46. Helen Atchley

    This was a re-order….this probiotic works very well

  47. Julane S.

    Very quick delivery. I have to wait & see if they work.

  48. Nikki Molar


  49. Bill C

    These are one of the best so far, that don’t cause stomach upset and work the first day.

  50. Athena

    I’ve used many probiotics and this one really works the only one that works for me! I’ll keep buying!

  51. Joyce M Adams

    exactly what I wanted and have reordered more.

  52. sam milby

    Works good for us too ! No more bloatedness

  53. Rosemarie Valentine

    Excellent product & service

  54. Jane B. Marsh

    They are nice to order on line, and they work.

  55. Sharon E. Williams

    works as well as the more expensive brands.

  56. George Mahoney


  57. Shelli Sherwood

    What we wanted

  58. Nancy Pleune

    It is a great product.

  59. Phyllis eisenman

    Good product. Good price.

  60. Mark Ledbetter

    Perfect for what your looking for in a probiotic

  61. Sandi White

    I started taking probiotics around 4 months ago, as I was having some issues with my stomach. I tried another brand first, which seemed to make a very noticeable difference in the way I felt, When I ran out of the other, more expensive brand, I tried these. They are good, but not great. Feel good for the most part, but have occasional stomach issues. Going back to brand one

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