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DailyNutra MultiVitamin Gummies for Kids & Adults

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  •  Flavorful and fun for kids on the run: Getting kids to take their vitamins is easy with HerbalLeaf. From multivitamins to minerals, our gummy vitamins are easy-to-chew, flavorful and fun. Vegetarian and gluten free, they provide daily nutrients parents will feel good about, and kids will love.
  • Potency: Building Healthy Kids: Children need and deserve wholesome nutrition. We ensure that our gummy vitamins are both nutritionally potent and delightfully yummi.
  • Positivity: Love is Our Key Ingredient: Our key ingredient is Love and that’s why we have a line of delightfully yummi gummy vitamins for the whole family to stay healthy and happy.
  • Multivitamin supplement gummies to help support a range of daily nutrient needs for growing cubs. They’re bursting with fruity flavors, so they’re fun and easy for kids to take. Formulated with care. Made with high-quality ingredients. A new bright spot in the daily routine.
  • Enriched with 14 essential nutrients for a child’s healthy growth & development. And are Dairy free, allergen free, gluten free, Non GMO, no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no egg. Soft pectin-based vegetarian gummy i.e. Made in India.

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DailyNutra are Strawberry Flavored Multivitamin Gummies having all the ingredients for adults & smart kids.

For Kids daily take 1 gummy per day & Adults can take 2 gummy per day.


59 reviews for DailyNutra MultiVitamin Gummies for Kids & Adults

  1. Andrew J.

    I really enjoyed the taste and consistency of these vitamins. I read a lot of reviews of people complaining that the vitamins stick to their teeth, what a bunch of babies. Compared to other vitamin gummies, this is more like a fruit snack. I don’t know if they really helped in any way but I like taking them as peace of mind.

  2. Erin Smith

    Very chewy, to the point of being a bit hard if you keep them in the fridge like I do. But, they are still tasty. A little bit of sour right on the back end. Has reasonable amount of vitamins for a gummy. If you’re expecting GNC-level, get regular vitamins. But, these do have all of the major ones in good amounts.

  3. Jhol

    Used these to transfer my 16 year old from kid vitamins to adult vitamins. Worked great.

  4. Cassidy Ford

    Wow, what a strong flavor! They’re like a sweet and tart gummy candy with no vitamin aftertaste at all. I’ve tried dozens of gummy vitamins and none have been quite so candy-like. If you’re sensitive to or don’t like tart flavored candies though, I would avoid these. I personally love them.

  5. Robert P.

    As an adult I probably shouldn’t care that my multivitamin is available in “gummy”. However, I find that I end up taking these way more regularly than the standard variety. Eating them is far more enjoyable than swallowing a huge pill. Also, they have never upset my stomach like regular vitamins frequently do. I actually crave these after a meal. I figure it’s a win-win.

  6. Jenn

    For the price, these are in fact, a good value if you use gummy vitamins. The bottles have safety seals that keep the product fresh while stored. We use the 2 per adult per day dose, so they don’t sit on our cabinet shelf very long but so far, gummies are the only vitamins I can get my hubby to take. We’ve had some other gummy brands that are terrible in taste … these taste like actual gummy candy and not much of a mineral/vitamin taste..and no aftertaste either.

  7. Kelsey E

    The best gummy multivitamin that I’ve found, and they’re vegetarian too! I have a lot of issue finding gummy vitamins in the store made without gelatin, which originally brought me to BMS LIFESCIENCE. These seemed like the best value, price for amount of vitamins, and I had to stop myself from taking more than the recommended two a day.

  8. Luke McGovern

    The flavor of these is not great but not horrible. It tastes a little bit like medicine compared to many of the children’s gummies that legitimately taste like candy. These are not as sweet. They’re definitely not the best tasting compared to others I’ve had, but these are the best value at the moment so I’m happy with them and would purchase again.

  9. Sar

    These aren’t gummies in the traditional gummy bear way, they’re basically fruit snacks! Even after a week I’m still surprised by the texture after biting down. The flavor is sweet and pleasant on the front end, and just a little earthy on the backend….so not bad.

  10. Christie

    I love these vitamins. The flavor and texture is great. I feel slightly childish that I need gummy vitamins like a child, but the truth is I never remember to take the pills. I’ll accept the few extra calories and sugars/carbs in trade.

  11. Brian VINE

    As with most multivitamins it isn’t like your going to notice a miraculous change when you start taking them. These taste good though they get stuck in your teeth which is annoying. Outside of that I suppose they work as well as a name brand product. You get a good amount of vitamins for a decent price.

  12. Matt Crouch

    Used these to transfer my 16 year old from kid vitamins to adult vitamins. Worked great.

  13. Indya B

    These are really good. They’re sweet but have a little sour kick. I love them and take them daily to help with my nail peeling and overall health. I haven’t had any negative side effects. I also looked up each ingredient and compared them to the daily recommended amount for adults in my opinion it’s a solid pass. All of the vitamins you need to absorb your nutrients throughout the day & none of the crap you don’t.. simple!

  14. Kelly

    These lil’ guys are just SO delicious! It’s dangerous how tasty they are…serving size is 2 gummies but at times I can’t help but eat a third! You’ll never forget to take these vitamins!!!!! Honestly I wish there was a non-vitamin/candy version of these so I could down like 100 a day. YUMMERS!

  15. Amw

    Not the best tasting, but not bad. Easy to chew and does not cause any upset stomach at all. My family has been healthy all of cold and flu season and I think that good vitamins help with that.

  16. Jessica Jenkins

    They stick together sometimes and are so gummy they stick to your teeth. BUT – overall I’m satisfied with the price, taste, and vitamin content.

  17. ACES717

    My girl like DailyNutra… I found it makes me feel bloated. Soooo Tried these as an alternative. LOVE ‘EM. Thinner than other gummy vitamins and better taste (in my humble opinion.)

  18. Dana Tigert

    My elderly mom loves these. She likes them better than other gummy vitamins she has taken. The seller shipped quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. The price was amazing. We will definitely purchase again.

  19. SophiaV

    My daughter is Vegan and so it’s a bit difficult to find multivitamins for her. She says these taste good, and so I am happy. This is my second purchase of these.

  20. Bonni Holiday

    I liked them and they didnt give me indigestion like other brands have

  21. Marianne Johnson

    Not sure why the review asks if they are easy to swallow… Last I checked you should chew gummy items. They taste pretty good and work as advertised cheap too.

  22. Dusty Keyboard

    It’s surprisingly hard to find a simple gummy multivitamin without excessive doses (greater than 100% RDA per serving) or faddish extra ingredients of dubious nutritional value. This product delivers just the basics, in a reasonable dose, at a reasonable price, with good flavor and texture.

  23. cabx88

    Well rounded vitamin. Most complaints I see are that people don’t like the texture. These are EXACTLY the same texture as gushers minus a sugary filling. If you like gushers then you’ll like these. Only been taking them for a little while, I’ll update if they have any negative side effects or not. Otherwise, I recommend them if you’re looking for a new multivitamin.

  24. Teresa Heier-Ryals

    These taste great and I really like them. Great value and they have all the vitamins in them that I need. I have been buying them for several months and will continue to.

  25. Scampy1

    Good vitamins they taste good and they’re not too sweet-hopefully they give you 100% of the sun vitamin ingredients as needed

  26. mr. Clean

    These taste good. A strong flavor but good. I look forward to them first thing in the morning.

  27. S A

    these taste overwhelmingly like pomegranate. i used to eat the veggie gummies from those tasted better but this is good enough

  28. Stephanie Hansen

    I bought these on a whim because I was getting low on my Centrum vitamins ( which I hated because they taste bad). These are delicious and bonus perk … they help with acid reflux. Not sure why but they totally helped with my painful heartburn. They seem to have a lot of folic acid too!

  29. Roxy

    These vitamins are a good value. They come in a half a dozen shapes and flavors. They taste good.

  30. william myers

    These are awesome. Price, quality, and taste! Quantity of zinc is great for holding off colds.

  31. Sanjay Upasani

    I bought these for my daughter who has a lot of trouble swallowing pills. Although some other reviews mentioned the gummies sticking to teeth, she did not experience that at all with this batch. Whereas before she would loathe swallowing vitamins, now she actually looks forward to taking them! Will definitely be getting more in the future.

  32. Joe Pulizzi

    We couldn’t find vitamins in the store due to Covid so we tried these and now they are a family favorite!

  33. M.M.

    Best gummy vitamins I have ever taken. So glad BMS LIFESCIENCE has them in stock again

  34. Gerald Pauly

    Great flavor and I like that it is an BMS LIFESCIENCE brand, less likely to be a scam.

  35. Laura S.

    These get stuck to your teeth but taste great! My husband even loves them and we decided to subscribe so we don’t have to keep re-buying – it will just come automatically.

  36. Betsy Crawley

    I like the flavor and the value for money of the DailyNutra products!

  37. jane orpah coria

    Tastes very good. Soft and fresh. Good amount in each bottle

  38. Steve S.

    These gummies are flavorful and easy to chew. Will recommend.

  39. Phillip Demunn

    So, they aren’t exactly candy, but that’s not why you buy these. They are easy, soft, chewable gummies that provide you with the nutrients you’d expect from them.I would recommend them to anyone who inquired about them.

  40. Andrea

    Chewy, packed with flavor, and great for those who love sour

  41. laedee12

    Not really a fan of gummies but it was a good buy. Great value!

  42. NancyG

    They taste good and were at a good price. I will order again.

  43. Jason

    Finally something from BMS LIFESCIENCE that tastes amazing!

  44. Brooke

    Damn BMS LIFESCIENCE strikes with another great product with high vitamin counts.

  45. Matty Ice

    Would recommend to anyone who likes gummy vitamins, great value and taste great.

  46. Pen Name

    Yummy flavor, will definitely buy again

  47. Tiffany Henry

    My husband loves the flavor! Would definitely be purchasing again.

  48. MrMatt

    The berry flavor is not as good as the strawberry but it gets me taking vitamins!

  49. K. R.

    Taste pretty good. Good value. Will buy again.

  50. LizzieT

    Different and pleasant!

  51. LadyTeal

    Great flavor! Great texture! Great Value!

  52. D. va

    Its hard to find many items that don’t have pork or a pork by product . This was a welcome change.

  53. RT

    Easy to swallow, great tasting and the right price!

  54. ImmortalBeloved

    Terrific product at a great value. Delicious and very effective vitamins. Great quality, great taste.

  55. Sarah W.

    These are great. Tasty. And there’s no gelatin, which is hard to find.

  56. Abril

    Good flavor loved

  57. Greg T

    Best method to take vitamins I’ve found.


    This is our 3rd purchase of these chewable vitamins. I purchased the 2 pack for convenience.

  59. Lee Dairo-Gelnett

    not crazy about the taste, I think they are tart

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