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Daily Nutra L-Carnitine 1000mg Per Serving -90 Capsules (30% Extra)

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  •  FAT BURNING – In order for your body to burn fat as fuel it has to be transported by a carnitine shuttle into your mitochondria where its converted to energy. In other words you need carnitine to help burn fat for fuel. Thats why its important to keep your carnitine levels high in order to effectively optimize your fat burning process.
  •  L-Carnitine converts stored body fat into fuel by delivering long chain fatty acids to cells that then convert into energy, providing you with extra fuel to take your workouts to the next level.
  •  L-Carnitine helps shift your metabolism to fat burning as it acts as the catalyst to move fatty acids into your mitochondria where they can be burned for fuel.
  •  L-Carnitine converts helps to stored body fat into fuel making it easier for you to push your limits.
  •  Our Daily Nutra L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 1000mg is formulated and manufactured in the INDIA in a FDA-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines.

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  1. Jonathan Neville

    Really great product make you feel with more energy and believe me I used to work 18 hours straight in a cruise ship and after that I do some weights and cardio every day I increase my muscles a lot more thanks to this product and loos considerable weight I didn’t measure the time frame to see how long took me to see results but I will say that after 3 months taking this pills I got great results, is the best for me in the market because some other pills make you hipper this ones are right in the spot where you want to be it really transform fat in to energy, I haven’t buy it again because now I just do cardio not longer lifting weight but I will in a future and this will be definitely something I will get for that

  2. DIAL

    Parfait!! livraison à domicile

  3. ronald Kenyatta

    This product has helped with my energy and workouts tremendously.

  4. Beachgirl

    Works great, helps loose some weight.

  5. sashana

    Used this as part of my Weightloss program

  6. planecrazy

    I feel healthier. Not sure if there is a connection but …

  7. D. Conklin

    Great price, I am a big fan of BMS LIFESCIENCE & DailyNutra.

  8. John Brott

    As advertised and delivered as promised.

  9. Aminoh

    Wow!!!! This l-carnitine from DailyNutra is the real deal!! I’ve previously used the liquid 1500 one but that runs out so quick so this is definitely more cost effective. This is an amazing article on L-carnitine I’m a huge fan of BMS LIFESCIENCE I take one every morning and than 2 before my workout and I’m drenched in sweat during all my workouts. It’s a great lil boost also

  10. Greg

    Good product, good price

  11. J. Adkins

    I have no complaint about the quality of the product. I guess they work but it is really had to tell. I agree with other reviewers that commented that they are hard to wallow. I would suggest getting 500mg tablets and taking 2.

  12. Shelley

    These were recommended by my doctor for my eye health. Since then, I found out that they are good for heart health.

  13. Khalid Al Qassem

    Excellent product

  14. jon

    Love this stuff! I always use this to help cut weight! Helps every time

  15. Matthew Mok

    This is the only L-Carnitine that I use. What I like most about this is the dosage. I only have to take 1 pill rather then 2 or 4 to get the same dosage. I stack this with other vitamins such as Black bean extract and Arganine. I notice a considerable difference in my weight when I am constantly taking these vitamins versus when I am not. This is the best dosage and price that you will find anywhere.

  16. daveduz

    it’s l carnitine so your getting what you pay for. just a good quality supplement that you can get anywhere price is what sold me.

  17. Mr Richie Dynamite

    Feel this product working. Price is great for the product. Already ordered more of it. It works great for you.

  18. Sunshine

    Works well for me. I use this with L-arginine, pycnogenol, panax ginseng. 67 years old and scored 13 on Duke stress test. Recovery to normal heart rate was less than 3 minutes.

  19. Peggy Rader

    It helps with reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs! I take one every day!

  20. Joe Cox

    Helps to turn fat into energy.

  21. Charles Rod

    This has helped me keep my body fat under control. I’m happy so far!

  22. Osama Khouj

    Highly recommended

  23. klk

    Good product at a good competitive price

  24. Sharon D. Large

    Works great, helps burn fat

  25. itriedit

    I’m glad I added these to my regimen. L-Arginine along with CLA works well as a fat burning stack, though I don’t ingest these before working out. I take them with a fiber free snack twice, daily. I am noticing increased energy throughout the day and a better quicker metabolism. I will definitely continue to purchase this supplement.

  26. Delilah8

    Great Item will buy again if need to!

  27. Denver

    this probably won’t be posted, I posted once before and did not see it. This is used for my 19 month old Labrador, we found out he had a bad heart at 5 months and they didn’t think he would live a year. His cardio dr. said to put him on l-carnitine and special heart medication. one year later and he is off the heart meds and only on l-carnitine. so it has helped to build heart muscle for him and take the stress off his valves

  28. Jason R.

    Great value

  29. Kelsey

    I have been using these vitamins for months now and they are not cheap through the store. I was impressed with the quantity for the price. The mg was higher than what you can purchase at the store

  30. Jay Ray

    I buy this product in bulk. I hear that it’s suppose to be a wonder drug. I take it because I don’t like to exercise or eat right so I’ve been taking this for the last 6 months. I’ve lost 10 lbs. i take 2 pills 3 times a day.

  31. Mr. Jones

    fast recovery

  32. CJA

    great item

  33. zdalrovjezh

    Works as it should.

  34. Alexander Svensen

    Great product, quick delivery

  35. HRH

    Good product

  36. TheeVinnyP

    really love this product.

  37. Richard LaMantia

    take them everyday

  38. Sharon L. Mansell

    good prodiuct

  39. Tauna C


  40. Enrique J.


  41. Larisa Zadoyen


  42. jreckseidler

    1000Mg seems to be the right dosage to get results with. Thoroughly recommend.

  43. DJ

    Love the DailyNutra products

  44. Cheryl Moody

    Good product delivered on time with quality

  45. Yogendra K.

    My doctor advised me to use L-Carnitine. This product has no side-effects. Highly recommend

  46. Lulu

    They are great, a little big but even so they are easy to swallow! I like them very much!

  47. Bruce A.

    Good price and fast shipping

  48. Kristi Murillo


  49. YouYue CHEN

    I use this reduce 40LB already, it is so nice and useful, I never feel even a little uncomfortable, I will buy more when I finish it

  50. Marcelo X Villarreal S

    Good! BMS LIFESCIENCE has good quality products.

  51. Megan

    My doc routinely tests her patients carnitine levels. I tested low. Not knowing that it would boost my energy level, I started taking it. The first day I took one of these I was amazed at how much more energy I had. My doc said that she has had several patients report similar effects. I had my sister try one ( we didn’t know if she was low or not) without telling her how it made me feel, she did not have a similar effect. Oh well, it worked for me so I still take it. The pills are pretty big.

  52. Jeff S.

    Like this product, works great.

  53. Rene L Wright

    Very pleased with the product

  54. Elm Valle

    I use this product daily! Awesome Product.

  55. Suzie

    I needed that extra boost with my protein shakes. This combined with glucomannan, really helps me keep the weight off.

  56. Susan Larsen

    Helps my elderly dog and I also found out it works for me too. Adds energy and helps metabolize fat that is stored and not moving.

  57. Elaine J. Anderson

    Works well for me!

  58. jaylud

    Hey, I don’t remember ordering this

  59. Tom Jefferson

    The pricing was the best around that we could find. The product is great and had not issues in recieving the product. good service.

  60. The Oscar

    Excellent product give me full enegie,and the gym I lift heavy,super extreng and power. I feel all day with vitaliy and. Dont feel tire.

  61. Paul Tadalan

    Love this. Part of my weight loss cutting stack. Will buy another bottle once this one is done. I stacked this with other vitamins to lose 25 lbs in 90 days for a fitness competition with my friends. Do your research on L carnatine, and then get this product for a good price.

  62. Jim Horton

    My son recommended this for me to help my energy and fat reduction. I definitely have more energy and I am 66 yrs old

  63. Rahul

    These will take care of the dosage well. Hence requiring less tabs per day / time. 2 tabs (2gms) one tab in morning and one evening. Good enough to give you the results in about a month.

  64. Tiger Lin

    Simple and convenient large dose in one pill. Some reviews say the pill was large but if you take a lot of supplements you should be used to the size. I didn’t have any issues.

  65. Mark Blashkiw

    Take before cardio workouts… WOW, you will run forever, this stuff really gets your lungs going and blood flowing. Also great for recover. I will take this for the rest of my life.

  66. Fallon dickson

    I really like this stuff. Im on the Atkins diet and this in one of the supplements suggested on the Atkins website so I bought it. So far Ive lost 30# in less than 2 months with this diet. I take the BMS LIFESCIENCE L-Cartinine twice a day, two in the morning before breakfast and two at night before bed. I was very curious as to rather or not the supplement was working and contributing to my weight loss or if It was solely the diet that was making the difference so I went without taking the L-Cartine for a few days and sure enough you could tell the difference on the scale! This stuff definitely works for me.

  67. John DeVita

    It arrived shortly after I ordered it. It’s a good product! Our new doctor asked that we buy it for my husband’s heart. He is taking it to ward off Coronary Artery Disease.


    This is the only L Carnitine tartate brand I will buy it works great and you can chew them they taste like bitter sweet candy. I do have to shop around monthly to find them priced the cheapest until I find another brand that is equal in quality at a great price I will continue to purchase this brand.

  69. sean.diegan

    I take two serving of this and green tea pills for extra oomph before my cardio and lifting weights. It seems to be doing its job. I weigh the same, have less fat and more muscle mass. Very satisfied with this product!

  70. Gregory L. Miller

    Great amino for helping burn fat

  71. Kellie Foreman

    I take this with ginsing! Together they are great, separate not so much! gives me the mental clarity, helps me not be hungry all the time..

  72. Green Lights, Blue Skies

    I have been taking this product for about a year. Daily Nutra vitamins are good quality and don’t break the bank.

  73. Malika

    I like this brand. The tablets are really large, but I haven’t seen them smaller from another brand. I take these for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  74. Corisa M. Colonnello

    I love the DailyNutra brand. They are the brand I search first when looking for vitamins/supplements.

  75. S. Morton

    Item was shipped fast and lasts quite a long time. The pills are rather large but you get quite a good dosage for a decent amount of money.

  76. Martin

    Taking this gets me in focus.

  77. Diamin

    Great product, I continue to take it and as I lose weight it seems to be helpful.

  78. Artyom

    thank you!!! great product!!!

  79. Lorenzo Vasquez

    very useful for increase energy.

  80. QueenG

    Using this supplement is totally helping me to loose fat. I love it!!!

  81. Carolyn P. Armstrong

    L-Carnitine is essential to my heart and energy health.

  82. Trudy Agres

    Very good one for the heart

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