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Daily Nutra Iron 65 mg Equivalent to 325 mg Ferrous Sulphate with Folic Acid 400mcg and Calcium Supplement – 90 Veg Tablets

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  1. Patty Balser

    review content

  2. Very Like


  3. Abhishek Mann

    i observed effective results gain enough strength gain muscle development

  4. Ibneshine


  5. TG

    This product really does work. It curbed my craving for non food items and I feel it has helped in producing more blood.

  6. Sobha S.

    Good Good supplement . Easy to Swallow.

  7. Abha

    I was a little afraid about the symptoms that is happening by taking iron pills but it is totally safe

  8. RickyN

    Nice. As expected. Thanx.

  9. Bilal

    Very useful.

  10. Amnash A

    My sister has anemia and has been taking iron supplements for a couple of years. I found this product which advertised that it doesn’t make you constipated or nauseated as do most of the other iron supplements. She has been using this product every day for a week and had great luck getting her iron stores back up where they need to be. She can take this iron tab on an empty or full stomach and it has had zero side effects.Really great product for people who need to take iron for anemia. Really great… Well packed. Arrived on time. thanks amazon.


    good one.

  12. Susanta Kumar Gochhayat

    Very good product

  13. Radha Mohan

    Very effective

  14. Nagaraj Desirazu

    I’m dealing with chronic, sometimes severe anemia along with Crohns and need an iron supplement to keep my blood in good working condition. I was getting prescription supplements for a while but the nausea forced me to look for other options. I tried a few brands and some were ok, some were pretty horrible, but these from Daily Nutra are really great. Bulk quantity, low price, zero nausea, zero upset stomach, and they have pretty good quality control standards. After taking these long enough to build up in my system I don’t feel the effects of anemia too often and most of the time my lab results come back in the normal range. I’ve gotten to the point where I am able to take one pill every other day and maintain decent health. If you need an iron supplement and others haven’t worked or made you feel sick, give these a try. For me, they’re the best brand I’ve been able to find after a few years of trial and error.

  15. Anastasia

    Okay this is a review written by somebody who knows a LOT about anemia. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant. At week 20 or so I was (again) diagnosed with anemia which is pretty common for pregnant women. But anyways, it was a disaster – I craved ice ALL THE TIME. I literally was addicted to chewing it which is no good for my teeth. But few weeks in with these iron supplements, and the addiction started to slowly fade out. Its helping! So I say definetely give it a try if you’re anemic.

  16. Radha Mohan

    I started taking iron supplements in 2015 when my friends who run marathons and Iron Man races got me onto it. They take it after their workout to replenish red blood cells that are literally crushed by running. That’s what they say. As for me, I don’t run but I do lift heavy and often. I take a supplement every morning along with in the evening fish oil, creatine and DAA. The iron definitely makes a difference in recover. I have better lifts and stronger recoveries. I’ve been on it for two years now and can tell a difference when I took a 2 week break a few weeks ago!

  17. Dear Delirious

    I’m extremely anemic and I have to take iron pills for health reasons. I was told to be careful with these, that they may upset my stomach but I’ve never had an issue. They are small enough that they are easy to swallow. I have been using this brand for 5 years now. I have given these to other women I know who have issues with anemia.

  18. Jadah

    I was prescribed iron by my doctor. The prescription iron was expensive and the pharmacist suggested I buy an over-the-counter brand. I trust Nature Made products, so I bought their iron and used it as my doctor prescribed. My resulting labs indicated the iron tablets were working like a charm. I will continue to buy and use these.

  19. Kiana

    This was recommended to me by my doctor cause it is the highest over the counter Iron out there. The side effects are the usual for iron pills. I range between taking one everyday to 3 times a week. Helps a lot! And t is perfect for college students and those who don’t eat meat a lot.

  20. Dr. Loomis

    I have a nickel allergy and taking this stuff seems to have minimized the effects of nickel exposure since the theory goes that the body wants to bind with Iron more than other metals, well it seems to be doing a good job. My eczema is about 95% better since I started taking this pill once every morning.

  21. KMB

    I was ordered to take 325 mg of iron daily by my doctor. Companies that sell iron tablets, including Nature Made, need to correct their confusing labeling. At first, based on the label “65 mg of iron,” I thought I would have to take 5 tablets a day. That just didn’t seem right to me. So, after a google search, I realized I am supposed to take ONE of these a day. 325 mg of ferrous sulfate is what I needed. However, these have worked great! I have noticed that I have more energy, am less lethargic and have fewer headaches since taking these iron supplements.

  22. Tse Tse Fly

    I have not received any help from sought medical community & sleep and fatigue are seriously conflicting my life. As I have had anemia diagnosed off and on since early teens and am now in late 70’s, thought to try it though levels are supposed to be good. Still in early days of intake. I don’t know if it is high hopes or not, but I managed yard work today which was badly needed but I was unable to manage before. Feel much better. I found this brand to be a good price. It is a small pill so taste is negatable. I am very aware of danger of OVER doing. As long as it is working, and levels don’t soar in tests, I am going for it.

  23. Skip

    Since I was diagnosed with an iron defeciency last year I’ve been taking one of these daily and have noticed a significant difference! It will take a few months for it to build up and take effect.

  24. Bing

    Great source of iron. I used to suffer from small cracks in the corner of your mouth (angular cheilitis ) until taking these. I did some research and found out the reason that the corner on the size of my mouth kept cracking was because lack of iron in my body. I tried many chap sticks that would temporary helps heal the crack, but did not work long term. Eating this one pill a day had completely cured it. The results was almost instant and took less than a week for my symptoms to completely go away. This had became my daily diet since.

  25. M. Feliciano

    I have been donating plasma during this pandemic and have noticed that my iron levels were low when they did my vitals. They test for protein and iron when donating. After a few days, my iron levels definitely went up. I’ve taken these with a meal and on an empty stomach. I will say that I felt a little weird the first few days; nausea mostly. But literally, on day 3, my body must have become used to the supplement and I don’t feel those side effects anymore. My bowel movements are not backed up or are too loose either; as others have said. I’m now two weeks in (taken once daily), and feel fine. Thank you.

  26. Kim Masterfield

    Just in time! My iron was pretty low and I needed to get it up. This did the trick. Great value, easy to use and like the brand. I will be back if my iron gets low again. Would definitely recommend.

  27. Kim

    As a pharmacist and borderline anemic, I bought this product to increase my iron levels after a recent doctor visit. There really is no flavor to it and should not be held in the mouth. It is meant to swallow with a glass of water. All iron products can cause constipation so that is something to think of before you use it. I recommend a stool softener who really has any issues with using the bathroom after taking an iron supplement. Highly recommend this one.

  28. Victoria Khaze

    I take iron religiously because well im a woman and women are naturally iron deficient. I notice a clear difference if i forget. I have not noticed a significant difference between this or any other brand i have taken. the tablets are small and do not start dissolving immediately when you put it in your mouth which is good if you have a strong gag reflex like me. It get’s 5 stars because it does what its suppose to and is easy to swallow. Plus the price is pretty good.

  29. Shopaholic!

    Really tiny pills. I’m assuming they’re potent because I’m usually severely anemic but I only have to take one of these with my multivitamin and I usually take two of other brands with the same mg to have the same effect.

  30. Anna N.

    I bought these to try and combat anemia while I was pregnant. I take one everyday and after a little over a month my doctor told me my anemia was almost gone! So this supplement is doing it’s job! This iron supplement didn’t give me any noticable side effects. For best results, I took it with orange juice or after eating an orange. The taste is horrible if you end up tasting it, but I didn’t feel like that warranted losing a star because most pills taste horrible.

  31. Daniel Olshansky

    I’ve been anemic for years, but this cheap and simple supplement has been solving my problem for years. My blood work is always good as long as I don’t forget to take this. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

  32. lbeyor

    I was unable to purchase from local store because of the virus and not going out as much. I have had trouble in the past taking iron as it upsets my stomach but with slow release tablets it is much better. Price was close to if not under what I would have paid at local store. Delivery took a bit but this was because of the virus.

  33. Catsuh

    Name says all.. Best product… I can purchase without any research.

  34. Bonnie Arnold

    These taste so much better than the target brand tabs I was using. Can hardly tell it’s iron. I do feel a little more light headed, I think it might have to do with the absorbency. I’ll most likely continue to use these though, on account of the taste.

  35. porziuncola

    These tablets work so well! I started using them to boost my iron so I could donate platelets more frequently. It used to be that if I tried to donate every two weeks, my iron would be too low the second time so I’d be deferred for a month. So I started scheduling three weeks in between, which usually worked, but sometimes it was still too low and I’d get deferred, even with making a special effort to eat iron rich foods. Since starting this supplement, if I consistently remember to take it, I can donate every other week with no problem, my levels are plenty high. An added bonus is that I think I have more energy too!

  36. Cheyenne Teniente

    I’m low on iron, and these small tablets are easy to swallow and absorb well into my body. I don’t have an issue with iron deficiency anymore since taking these. Will buy again

  37. Carolyn

    My iron levels were low so my doctor suggested I start taking some supplements. These seem to be doing the job. Your feces may turn slightly black but that is normal.

  38. Judy

    No flavor, really but small & easy to swallow. Arrives in my monthly Subscibe & Save order, so the price is right!

  39. Karen Honeycombe

    I could not find the recommended dose of iron that I needed, in any local stores. I was happy to find these on BMS LIFESCIENCE. The tablets are very small and easy to swallow. When my iron levels were checked after 3 months they were back to normal. The price is extremely reasonable.

  40. TM Conway

    Can’t believe I’ve been getting the coated ones all this time. These dissolve easier (I tested one in some water!) so I’m assuming my body will absorb them better. I will have to update about whether or not these cause as much constipation as the other type.

  41. Mr. Trying to Be Helpful

    This is a normal iron deficiency. The taste is okay. There is no alcohol because there is no gelatin. They use gelatin for capsules. Additionally, I found out this company forms not use pork in their products. It could be helpful for those.

  42. Terri

    Tests showed that I had low iron so I bought these. They do work because my tests are good now. I can only take a half each day though because iron can mess with your stomach. No fault of the maker iron just does that. Good deal for this price.

  43. HS Mom

    Since they’re coated these are easy to swallow. I get a very faint metallic taste in the back of my throat sometimes, just for a few seconds. My doctor requires I take an iron supplement and this fits the bill.

  44. Uma Devidasi

    This particular brand and formulation does not upset my stomach or GI tract like other forms of Iron do. I highly recommend this product…and you can usually find it here on BMS LIFESCIENCE for a very reasonable price!

  45. Raena

    I notice my blood circulation reduction when i don’t take it. I have low blood circulation and this helps daily. I try to keep it on me to take daily.

  46. JoeBotts

    If you crave chewing ice or have restless legs at night, you need more iron.

  47. Educated, Single & Black American Female

    Super absorbency, which helped me realize I don’t need iron tablets although I am anemic. It turns out iron supplements are not the best way to get iron unless you have a more serious health condition. I love Nature Made, their products are the only vitamins that work for me, I just don’t need iron supplements.

  48. FANCY

    I bought these because of doctors order. I have severe anemia so, i bought these. So far… Whatever, I feel no change yet. But I’m taking them.

  49. Majer Entertainment

    started taking this because I am anemic. I had the worst side effects from the condition. I have been taking these for months and it really helped me so much. still slightly anemic but not like before. 10/10 recommend.

  50. Reilly Thompson

    I started taking these for my anemia after trying a different iron supplement that didn’t work. I have gotten all my energy back and couldn’t be more happy with the results. Thanks so much!

  51. Sabe

    This product came sealed correctly. The pills are easy to swallow and no smell. I don’t notice burping or anything after taking them as well. I would recommend this to a friend.

  52. Meca Nellie

    glad i can find this on BMS LIFESCIENCE great price too my edocter is just as pleased so needless to say i will be buying them from BMS LIFESCIENCE again

  53. RN

    I had been using a different brand of iron supplements. My physician recommended I try this brand, he believes it is a very good brand.

  54. brbwndsr

    Didn’t notice a bad flavor. I started taking them because my iron runs low & I wasn’t able to donate had definitely helped!

  55. AnnB

    They appear to be doing the job. As others have said, be aware it changes the color of elimination contents…dark and greenish.

  56. Tracy

    Priced Right. Doesn’t make me sick. Not horse pills. Guess it absorbs well because I’m a vegan and I’m not anemic since taking.

  57. Sam-Sam

    I usually choose Daily Nutra because I know they make a quality product! Too many reports lately about supplements not providing what the labeling indicates. At least these are USP reviewed so you can buy with confidence.

  58. DWIGHT

    I am anemic and must take an excellent source of iron after taking APO Shots for the production red blood cells. Daily Nutra is recommended.

  59. nomdeplume

    I was shocked to see that the price of these pills was significantly better than I could get with my prescription, which is subsidized by my health insurance.

  60. silvia

    I purchased these vitamins because I was low on iron…my legs were getting restless. Now I don’t get that way anymore. I love these!

  61. Angel Roark

    Iron tabs. Seems to be reasonably easily absorbed. USP verified, so I’m not worried about the safety or potency.

  62. jeannine

    This works I just have to take it with food or I get nauseated. Can also cause stool to turn a black color but this is normal.

  63. ravi s.

    Good product. Our Doctor told us to take ferrous selfate for iron deficiency. we are happy with product qualifty as well as tabs are very small so easy to swallow.

  64. Tiffany

    I think these are great for the value. I’m anemic, so iron is a must. I would definitely opt for these iron pills!

  65. Kaila Winston

    I like how small and easy to swallow these are. I first bought them when I was pregnant and been taking them since.

  66. Shane B.

    It’s working. I went from an anemic 37 test result to healthy 59 in one month and feeling better.

  67. Teacher

    Easy to swallow. No aftertaste. I’m sure about the absorbency but I assume that it works.

  68. Lisa Scharetg

    This has been a very pleasant experience from ordering, tracking and using the product. Nature made Iron tablets have made a big difference for me in being able to keep my iron levels to adequate levels and I feel this is an excellent brand and plan on continuing my use, thank you Daily Nutra!

  69. 11bboogie

    I have cancer and the cancer causes anemia. These tablets taken everyday have kept the anemia in check.

  70. M. Brock

    There’s really no fun way to take an iron supplement and flavor is like a penny but this does the job.

  71. Jessica Marie

    Just started taking them. So far so good. Can already tell a difference in a few days

  72. Kathleen Hendrix

    Worked for me. Within a week on one per day my iron count went from 37 to 42.

  73. Heidi Olsen

    It was easy to swallow, and it brought my iron level to where it needed to be!

  74. NESS_AUZ

    I’m in my third trimester so an iron supplement a day is necessary. These iron supplements are so easy to add to my daily routine, they’re super small so very easy to swallow.

  75. Mohsin

    This pill gives you iron if you are low on it. It does what its supposed to.

  76. Kiesha

    Needed this while pregnant. Great value and it instantly helped me feel less tired

  77. Grandmother Littlewolf

    both my husband and myself have to take iron pills. These are fine.

  78. Big guy in Texas

    Great product, great shipping, great doing business with you.

  79. Cynthia Keen

    has a bitter taste so swallow quickly

  80. missfacey

    I am a life long anemic. This product works well but take it with a meal otherwise you will feel like metal is coming up your throat

  81. Joy Q. King

    Great iron pills. I have been taking these for years!

  82. Lisa godinez

    Great iron pills, easy to swallow and will buy again

  83. Cute American Girl

    Easy to take when recommended by doctor for anemia.

  84. B Decent

    the correct one. This is the right one for me.

  85. Jamelle

    I love these iron pills which help with my low iron deficiency being that I am anemic, and I take one daily.

  86. Melissa B.

    Great value for the money. Totally recommend!

  87. Glo

    I’m only taking these because my best friend told me to. I have been taking them for a month and I don’t know what difference I should be seeing. I’m not anemic, but I’m always borderline enough to not be able to give blood.

  88. Haidee Paixao

    I was low on iron during my second trimester so my OB recommended an iron supplement equivalent to 325 ferrous. Next blood test came back with elevated iron levels finally! Easy on stomachs although the first time Taking, my stomach did get a little sensitive.

  89. savannah rivers

    Cheaper than my prescription and just as effective

  90. Bill Dyszel

    I feel stronger already.

  91. Lauren H

    I take one pill a day to help with my restless leg syndrome, which my doctor recommended. The restlessness feeling went away after only a few days of taking this. Small pills and no flavor to them

  92. OzzyT

    I like this pill because it’s easy to cut of you need a lesser dose.

  93. arizonamegs

    Excellent supplement and speedy delivery.

  94. Brittany Wilson

    Excellent product, I could tell very quickly that my blood iron levels were increasing.

  95. Amanda DeVincentz

    Exactly what the dr ordered. Good value.

  96. Silvia

    Easy to swallow. Doesn’t have strong smell. Absorbed quickly.

  97. Boudicca

    I’m mildly anemic. If I don’t take iron pills, I feel exhausted all the time. These work as well as any I’ve ever taken, and the pills are quite small.

  98. Booperdooper

    A very good supplement. I recommend it.

  99. Elizabeth Quinn

    These are very small and easy to swallow. I bought them to try and make my hair grow. I have only been taking them for a week. Fingers crossed!

  100. Allejah

    I am anemic and have terrible blood circulation. After taking one every day for a week I felt a huge difference with my anemia. The pills are very small and easy to swallow. Highly recommend!

  101. bunmi

    I like it plus my family love the brand

  102. Mrs. Bebies

    Arrived fast and works fine.

  103. glen sibert

    Good product at a good price

  104. Lorna Collins

    This is exactly the product I expected.

  105. Abs H

    Seems to help with bruises

  106. Ercilia S Herrera

    Easy to swallow small pills

  107. Judy

    Good quality of product. I’ve used this brand for awhile, I trust it

  108. Sprouts

    These are wonderful and a great price

  109. HollyJ

    Not too hard on the stomach, but definitely take it with food.

  110. Mark Fitzgerald

    Use it daily it brought up my iron

  111. Rose LaClef

    I like that they aren’t too big.

  112. ryan s.

    They are Vitamins, what else can I say….

  113. Danny Kehr

    Great for making iron level good

  114. Rebeccah

    They are easy to take!

  115. Pen Name

    Item as described

  116. Mick StL

    I’m iron deficient and must take this every day on an empty stomach. Doesn’t cause the stomach upset iron has in the past. Sticking with this one

  117. Tena

    Better than available locally.

  118. Kinnary V Vyas

    The pills are small and easy to swallow.

  119. Kimberly Young

    small and easy to swallow.

  120. Ryotte Ann

    I’ve used these before, they work well. Came in handy having them delivered while house sitting.

  121. donald t.

    Daily Nutra is one of the best

  122. Jim Shortz

    Great product!

  123. Ray Burnell

    Have problems with blood doctor recommended.

  124. L Alexander

    My spouse refuses to take other over the counter iron products as he has experienced a metallic taste. He does not with this product, which is medically advised by his primary health care provider, to increase his iron count.

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