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Daily Nutra Alfalfa Calcium Citrate Malate 1200mg – 90 Tablets

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✅ REDUCES INFLAMATION : Alfalfa possesses high levels of vitamin C and vitamin B, as well as calcium and antioxidant compounds. All of these can reduce inflammation in the joints and around the body, while also strengthening the immune system.

✅ BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM : With a high content of vitamin C, this sprout is an ideal booster for your immune system. Vitamin C not only stimulates the production of white blood cells but also acts as an antioxidant to eliminate oxidative stress. Furthermore, B vitamins and vitamin E also act as metabolic regulators and antioxidant compounds throughout the body, and both of those are also found in this unassuming sprout.

✅ SPEED UP HEALING : In its more traditional usage, alfalfa sprouts were used to make a poultice to apply to wounds and injuries to induce faster healing. The antioxidant components protected the exposed area, while other minerals and nutrients stimulated blood flow to the area and increased the rate of repair and healing. The high supply of protein in alfalfa tablets, when consumed, is also a major boost to growth, development, and repair.

✅ IMPROVES BOWEL MOVEMENT Dietary fiber is heavily relied on by the body to monitor and optimize digestive health. Dietary fiber is not only able to bulk up the stool and speed up its movement through the bowels, but it can also reduce inflammation in the gut. Thus it helps in clearing up issues like indigestion. Therefore, it is advised to consume alfalfa tablets regularly for a better bowel movement.

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